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Hey, I'm Ram Maheshwari

A Result-Oriented Web Developer building and managing Websites and Web Applications that leads to the success of the overall product

About Me Here you will find more information about me, what I do, and my current skills mostly in terms of programming and technology

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I'm a Frontend Focused Web Developer building and managing the Front-end of Websites and Web Applications that leads to the success of the overall product. Check out some of my work in the Projects section.

I also like sharing content related to the stuff that I have learned over the years in Web Development so it can help other people of the Dev Community. Feel free to Connect or Follow me on my Linkedin and Instagram where I post useful content related to Web Development and Programming

I'm open to Job opportunities where I can contribute, learn and grow. If you have a good opportunity that matches my skills and experience then don't hesitate to contact me.


My Skills

Responsive Design

Projects Here you will find some of the personal and clients projects that I created with each project containing its own case study

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Dopefolio is a successful Open-Source project that I created which have been featured on some of the biggest tech sites like CSS-Tricks, Hostinger, etc & used by thousands of developers globally

Case Study
Software Screenshot


Wilsonport is a multiservice logistics and transport company and I created their website from scratch using the frontend tools I know.

Case Study
Software Screenshot

Boreal Coffee Clone

I re-created the frontend of Boreal Coffee's official web app because I got attracted to their beautiful UI. It was a great experience for me to build the entire frontend.

Case Study
Software Screenshot

Crown Template

Crown is a web template that I created targeting the restaurant and food industry which anyone can use to present their business online.

Case Study

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